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  1. Puff
    Puff BrandonZulu
    Hey Brandon, Still have that Monet? Can I buy it please? Let me know! Thanks! Puff
  2. Besty
    Besty Pingu00
    Hello, would like to buy vector L whit Tube
    How much would shipping to Germany be?
  3. SteinWithBrine
    SteinWithBrine SSVChonkyBoi
    Hello, my apologies, I'm new here and I don't know how to PM or reply to your post. I'm interested in your Lenneth and Beta Shark. Are they still available?
  4. Blind-Bandana
    Farewell my fren' hope you better owner the me :')
  5. DefendTheFollower
    Looking for buyers.
  6. LimitedSweet
    Lots of setbacks the last few weeks, but I'm hoping I'll remain on this streak of physical and psychological stability. Just fatigued, now.
  7. Cassvillerob
    Cassvillerob SmolKobald
    Do you know the specs on Dante.
  8. LimitedSweet
    Hello. Next week I'll be adding my collection to the sales forum. For now, I'm refamiliarizing myself to the site.
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  9. jms
    Selling some big toys. Heart is bigger that the hole.
  10. ThatEquineGuy
    ThatEquineGuy Zaphora
    Hi My for sale listing of Nova has been sold on another platform but i can not change/edit the listing for some reason!

    If it would be possible to move/mark it as sold it would be highly appriciated!
    1. Zaphora
      You. Got it :)
      Jan 5, 2024
  11. Snake
    Snake Gandalf
    Hallo habe Interesse an oxballs popper jumbo komme aus Deutschland was würde der Versand kosten
  12. SSVChonkyBoi
    SSVChonkyBoi Zaphora
    Hey! Glad to see thing are still kickin' here. Apologies if this is a bother, but for love or money I cannot get imgur links to embed for a sale post; using both the IMG toolbar and pasting the direct link, or bbcode and typing it in manually D:
    1. Zaphora
      I can add files manually shoot me a message and I can screen shot so it still counts etc.
      Jan 2, 2024
  13. SSVChonkyBoi
    Utterly random; having trouble getting imgur links to work!
  14. knotty
    knotty Zaphora
    Been a super long time! Great to see you're still around and helping out now ❤️
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    2. Zaphora
      Yeah got the forum back up I never left. I mean someone has to take care of you guys <3 even if I'm the only one.
      Dec 13, 2023
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  15. Ros
  16. Cassvillerob
    Cassvillerob Justinstone95
    Best price on uncut archer. I'm in New york
  17. BreizhFurry
    BreizhFurry CBMR
    Serious seller, fast and discreet shipping. I recommend
  18. RearBear
    Woohoo, Dragon-Hoard is online again. Time to create a new sales post.
  19. Feverdream
    Gonna sell some toys soon: new L Nokken w/SC, MHT Beowulf, M Sleipnir w/SC, Fantasticocks XENO the LARVA, 2 new Seahorse teenys from MHT (!)
  20. GammaTheDickNiffler
    New sales post, 9/27!