Any experience with PPS / Paladin Pleasure Sculptures

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    Yes I know I could contact them and I have in the past. I just wanted to see what y'all had to say about them, those who have ordered from them before....that and I wanted to show off what I bought sksksk.
    So, what's their packaging like? Do they include anything?(stickers, squishies, care guide, business card, etc). Feel free to let the details run! I'm very much excited for my boy to get here.
    I ordered a Kitalpha in large, soft firmness.
    FullSizeRender-203_ea7180cd-2c51-40fc-98b6-60e7a417178e_280x420.jpg FullSizeRender-204_49ed6b7e-020f-4bd0-9471-4ee640a627e3_280x420.jpg FullSizeRender-205_867f5e13-e0d3-487a-bea8-28fb4ddbd8c5_280x420.jpg
    He totally reminds me of a plasma ball funnily enough!! Of course I'll show him off proper in the right place once he finally arrives.

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    Apr 16, 2020
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    Hi Horseteeth!
    Yes I custom ordered a medium soft Katalpha right when they opened their shop. It actually was even before their first drop!
    Chose a Black Rainbow UV + GITD coloration and was extremely surprised it shipped after just two days! They offer to ship toys with dhl which I as a German am comfortable with, haven't seen any other shop in the US who would ship with dhl. It arrived very quickly in a plain brown box, so as discreet as it gets. There was a sqishy inside of it, too. A cute Seashell.
    After some problems with them being unlisted on international shipping they stopped adding these on default but you can add these to your order with no upcharge (if I'm not mistaken). They mentioned this on their twitter somewhen.
    Now to the toy: The quality is great! Their colors are beautiful and their pours are awesome! I was blown away when I held Kitalpha in my hands for the first time. Even more when I switched on my UV flashlight.
    I was asking myself how a new shop could accomplish such a perfection other aren't able to with years of experience?!
    On top of this their customer support is so friendly and helpful!
    I haven't had to wait long for replys and was guided through my custom order step by step.
    All in all I can say it was the best experience with an online shop you could have. Highly recommend them and I'm already looking forward to see pictures of your Kitalpha when he arrives! :)
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    PPS is great! I've ordered four toys from them, two of which were pretty complicated customs that they knocked out of the park! Their CS is super friendly and seems very eager to make customs a reality. Shipping is in a plain brown box (though I cant remember what the senders name is listed as). My most recent order came with stickers and previous orders came with small squishy shells. My customs also came with matching teenies!
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