Closed - WTS [US] 60lbs of BD + Lovense. Penetrables, UV, Gitd, Legacy, Specials, +Vintage Textures

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    Hi hi. I'm letting these guys go to better homes where they'll be appreciated: 60lbs of bd silicone for the good people, + Teenies, Lovense, Nu, Carl the Caterpillar, and Vac u loc. Priced to move, + taking all reasonable offers (must provide reasoning). Ships same or next day, reasonably, shipping not included (usually $9-$15)
    Smoke/Cat/ Disease free. I do have a dog in the home and will do my best to remove hair, fiber, lint. All are washed, sanitized (boiled /alcohol), bagged, and bubble wrapped before being sent out.
    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    SOLD ELECTRONICS: $35 each, all washed and sanitized with alcohol.
    SOLD Lovense Edge - used a handful of times, comes with everything.
    SOLD Lush - only used a few times, everything included
    SOLD Osci - came out of the box 1 time, not for me, and it's all here.
    SOLD Ambi - (pics) new unused, open box, everything incl.
    SOLD Nora - tbh I didn't know I had this. Idr ever using it after charging, couldn't find the box or charger.
    SOLD Hush 1" - comes with charger, no box
    Bluetooth dongle - free claim with purchase
    SOLD Hush 1.5" - comes with charger, no box
    SOLD Nu Sensuelle Bentlii - tbh this guy blew me away, but after I put it on the shelf it disappeared from memory. $35 solid. You'll enjoy.
    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    SOLD SHEATHS & PENETRABLES: ($45 / $50 ea) (pics)
    SOLD Chance - one size 3, bubblegum, flopped for nick on tip
    SOLD David - medium 3, natural silver
    SOLD Janine - hand painted opal legacy, great condition, used less than a handful of times, no tears, 3 small dimples on the front and 2 nicks on back face.
    SOLD Janine's muzzle - opal legacy, fair condition, used about 5 times and very clean, but it has about a 1/2 inch tear in each corner that's noticeable when picking up. & It won't rip anymore than that, so have at it.
    SOLD Gala - natural, flopped for nick on front, great condition, has a few fine nail-like indentations around the side.
    SOLD JT - Arctic Brush (White and gray marble). 1/4" deep tear going back a 1/4 inch from the ring (adding 1/2" to usable diameter at the entrance), very fine peeling visible inside. You're not gonna find one more gently used or in better condition.
    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    BIGGUNS: $70/60 ea. Peacemaker set sold. Pics
    SOLD Mystic - large 5, natural, gitd, ct, sc. $70
    Water horse (legacy) - medium, 8, navy, ct. Vintage velvety micro texture $70
    Pretzal (retired) - medium 8, neon purple (UV), never used; display only. $60
    SOLD Spritz - medium 3, Watermelon (pink-green fade), UV, CT. $60
    SOLD Fck buddies' Carl the Caterpillar - os, medium, bisexual flag (pink, purple blue), great gitd (bone yellow, stays lit all night). I put him on my dresser corner so I don't walk into it. No tears, rips, nicks, or injuries. He is covered in beauty marks, casting bubbles, air bubbles, printed textures, tool marks, and other imperfections from the studio. He's sculptural, and unrefined; you can see all of the details are here. $70
    Bruiser (legacy) - Medium 5, Dark Berry (Red/Plum Marble), display only. $70
    SOLD Morale (legacy '19) bronze, display only
    SOLD Discipline (legacy '19)- platinum ore, display only
    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    SOLD COUNCIL of TEENIES: $10/set pics
    Winston's tail, Duke's muzzle, Snep, Terra, Gala, Meng, Crash

    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    ARTILLERY: $55 ea. (left to right) pics
    SOLD Snep (retired) - OS 5, Fuschia Glow (Neon Pink, Neon Red, Black marble), UV
    SOLD Trent (retired) - Medium 3, Nocturne's signature (Purple highlight over ectoplasm GITD)
    SOLD/NFS Pretzal (retired) - Small 8, Venom (Metallic coral, cream, indigo, black marble)
    SOLD Tucker - Medium 5, Royal purple and cherry blossom marble w black base, SC
    SOLD Hunter - OS 5, Legacy Natural (dark red to reddish brown bronze fade), CT
    SOLD Kelvin (special '18) - Medium 8, Strawberry Shortcake (Cream and metallic Rose w Caramel marble)
    SOLD Terra - Medium 5, lavender w reddish brown bronze fade
    SOLD Crackers (special '17 dildos and dragons) Small 8, Riverbound, (Rose, white, navy marble), Vintage 3d printed matte micro texture
    SOLD Nocturne - Medium 5, Dashing and Midnight w black marble
    SOLD Hanns (legacy) - 4th kind w 5th kind split base (GITD cyan and gitd blue marble, w gitd light green and gitd dark green base). Base takes strong UV to charge.
    SOLD Ridley (legacy) - Medium 8/5 split, Black and White marble over Red and Yellow marble base, Vac u lock hole.
    SOLD Vergil - medium, light Green and Dashing blue fade split over black base.
    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    Calvary: $50 ea (pics)
    Trent (legacy) - Small 5, Blue Black and Red marble, UV.
    Demogorgon - Small 3, Metallic bronze w green highlights
    SOLD Kage (retired) - OS 5, Forest and cyan marble, SC
    SOLD Echo - Small 5, onyx
    SOLD Chance (flared) - small 5, metallic bronze
    SOLD Nox - Small 5, Lavender and Indigo marble
    Clayton - Small 3, blue and red marble
    SOLD Ika - Small 5, Natural (metallic bronze and teal marble) UV
    SOLD Vasu (legacy) - Medium 3/5, Blue w Dark blue marble
    SOLD Nocturne - Small 5, Black Gold (black w metallic gold sparkle), SC
    SOLD Sleipnir - Small, ectoplasm and gray marble, GITD
    SOLD Xar (legacy) - Medium 5, Onyx
    SOLD David - Medium 5, Bone, Vac u lock hole
    Kona - Medium 5, Vampire (Deep metallic Maroon over Metallic Bronze)
    Xerxes (legacy) (pics) OS 5, Split red stone (warm pink w flesh and cherry marble base)
    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    INFANTRY: $45 each (pics)
    Flint - Mini 8, Forest w butterfly split base
    SOLD Fenrir - Small 5, Galaxy black
    Winston's tongue - Small 5, bd brown
    SOLD Naga (Legacy. Later rereleased as Vasu) - Small 5, Red to Crimson fade w butterfly split base, SC. Vintage matte 3d printer micro texture circa 2015
    SOLD Crash (legacy) - Small 5, platinum ore
    --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
    SOLD MELEE: $10/3
    Vac u lock accessories
    Knuckles - silicone coating peeled from top, + Baton, & Suction cup
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    Am gonna dm ya
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    !! None of my alerts came through :,(. I was wondering why I wasn't hearing anything back from the forum.
    Am so sorry, getting on it now!
    This is crossposted here from Reddit, so check here for direct updates.
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    Thanks to everyone for looking! I sold most of the toys here on reddit, and am closing the sale to relist the remaining toys individually when I can figure out more fair prices for them.
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