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    Very very happy here. I've been a little nervous too about the population: on a forum like, say, BD's, it's normal for people to move on sometimes, and new people come in and the population stays steady...but we don't have a good source of new people. So even though we're okay now, will we always be? I hope so, 'cause I love this place. *shrug* As long as we don't shrink to nothing, I certainly prefer a handful of nice, friendly people to hoards of meanies...

    Agree: very nice UI, nice conversations, been happy with the moderation. I'm really sensitive to conflict, and I've been impressed at how maturely conversations are handled in the debate section, and I like that they don't seem to "spill out" into the rest of the forum.

    I like that I can hide my status. Just a silly thing, but it makes me self-conscious when people know when I'm on or what I'm reading, lol.
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    I'm a lot less techy than most all of you. Still, I have to say that I like the layout. There are less forums (or sub forums) because some discussion areas seem to have been combined. I also like the titles of the forums. You peeps are certainly showing your experience around this toy forum scene when naming things. I like that.
    One additional thing that I like is the ability to "like" someone's post. For example, I can use the "like" option for several of Caracal's posts and give my genuine opinion without it seeming like I'm trying to hit on her or flirt (too much). So, I feel more comfortable about all the kudos I can give, because I like complimenting people even when I have no expectation of it leading to anything.

    Last, I love that many of the experienced big dong users are still active on a community that I can be a part of, and many of them are quite kinky or naughty like me, when it comes to fantasies. So, I'm happy to see more of their writing. The good size queen writings are showing up less often over at BD forums, in my opinion. So, I'm happy to know where the new honey hole is. :D
    Before being told about DH by DocOcatvia, I thought many of the experienced folks had ended up in relationships with new peeps that didn't want them to post as much online anymore, or that the new relationship energy was sucking them away. Haha, not to fear, they're here.

    As for the population size, I think some bloggers could link to some of the threads here and draw in a few people here and their. For example, I can link to here from fisting or stretching groups on fetlife.
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