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    Hello and welcome to the secondhand forums!

    Before you start posting your toys for sale or buying, you need to read these rules before posting or purchasing. It is important you understand and follow these rules for safe and easy selling and buying processes here on the forums.

    After you read these rules please read the pinned thread in Sales titled Sales & Wanted Information

    1. Posting and Proof of Ownership

    If you're posting a WTS (Want to Sell) post, you must post a picture of the toy you're selling, along with a piece of paper with your Dragon Hoard username and the date, to prove ownership of your toys. If you're unsure what that may look like, use this example here.


    Picture provided by @Zaphora

    All toys sold here Need a timestamp and username. There will be no exceptions for this. Stock photos and order sheets are not allowed and are not replacements for these. However, if you would like you can supply them to help with the sale of a toy. But, cannot be used as the sole image in your sales post.

    Please also include ALL information about your toy! Including, but not limited to: Size, firmness, color, tubes or suction cups. It's important information to the buyer.

    When making a thread, Please specify what country you are buying from using the prefix system. Also, state if you are or not willing to ship internationally.

    2. Trading

    If you are trading make sure to get each other's paypal (if you want to exchange money until toys arrive), and their home address so you can ship the toy to them.

    Please state the item you want to trade and what for? (Art, another companies toy, etc.) It will help bring your preferred trader to you!

    3. Communicating

    If a user is interested in purchasing one or multiple of your toys, start discussing openly in your post and confirm they are going to buy, once decided you are going to sell, you can move to PMs to give information, PayPal addresses, shipping addresses, private information.

    Please do not put your personal information out in the public forum space. Use the PM system (also called conversations).

    There will be no proxies, or middleman activity allowed. Only you are allowed to sell your own toys. Not for a friend, or anyone else. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Never accept any offer or purchase by a random user that is not one you are selling to from a sales post or you know, this is to protect you from possible scamming.

    If you are suspicious of a buyer or seller please let us moderators or admins right away! We can't help you if you don't say anything. Report suspicious threads, pictures, people, & activity.

    Do not hijack someone's sales thread to sell your own stuff or derail it with anything off topic. Please make your own sales or discussion thread.

    4. Payments

    Paypal accounts Must be your own. You cannot be using a friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouses, or other family members to conduct business. They have to be verified as well.

    Always use a PayPal invoice, this has proven to be the best and safest way to handle payments, whether shipping is included, etc. If someone doesn't send you an invoice, don't send them your money. If someone sends you money outside of an invoice, refund them and send them an invoice. This protects both the buyer and the seller.

    When using PayPal there are two options you will be greeted with one is send using Goods and Services, this adds protection to both the seller and buyer in case a conflict happens. The other is Friends and Family, this is used for sending between friends and family, we encourage users here to never use Friends and Family because protection does not get added to either party and if something happens, you will not be able to receive a refund or dispute if something happens or you get scammed. So in summery do the first option.

    Basically Goods and Services Only! We are not responsible for the loss of money that may occur if one chooses use "Friends and Family" just to save the seller a few dollars on the fee.

    When discribing your toys in a invoice if you half to just put "Sculpture" or something similar. PayPal does not like things of a sexual nature, and it could get your account banned. Also, you are not allowed to make the buyer pay the fees, that's against PayPal TOS. As the seller it's your responsibility.

    5. Cleaning

    Please properly clean your toys before shipping them out, here is the official Bad Dragon thread for properly cleaning your toys.


    Boil it for a few minutes, or use a 10:1 hot water/bleach solution soak for an hour, or both.

    6. Shipping

    My personal recommendations for packaging are using a ziplock type bag to protect the toy from moisture and anything that could get on the toy in transit, using bubble wrap or packing paper is the best way, other options are using clean new trash bags or plastic bags and newspaper.

    After both the seller and buyer have agreed and completed an invoice, if processed on a business day try to ship it out on the same day, if not possible please ship the next business day.

    As a seller, please ship your toys in smart and timely manner. Nobody wants to wait 1 or 2 weeks for their toy to be shipped out.

    As the seller make sure you get a tracking number to the buyer as soon as you ship out the package.

    Shipping can be with any courier you choose. However, you Need to get a tracking number that works. No fake tracking numbers Please have either a receipt or actual picture of the box before send off to prove that you indeed ship it. You Need to add tracking info to your paypal transactions to alert the buyer that you have shipped it and so that the buyer can be covered.

    7. Extra information

    Threads will be archived after one month of inactivity as well as threads that mark everything as sold.

    We have an archive where you can look up old sales and wanted posts, in case you need to access them for any disputes or problems that arise later.

    8. Summary

    When in doubt refer back to these rules, if a user is pressuring you to do something and it's against any of these rules please report it or let a admin or moderator know right away.

    This post will be updating constantly, so check back from time to time.

    If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask. :)

    Thank you,

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