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    We have made some recent changes to the website and are now currently keeping the sales thread up to date. We have recently made a new thread titled Completed Sales/Wanted Posts, this is made to Archive completed sales and wanted posts.

    We are no longer keeping sales and wanted posts longer than 1 month old, with no bump updates or replies. This is because users aren't able to have their ad seen without it getting pushed back and it is difficult for us moderators to keep track of all these sales and wanted posts.

    Everyone that makes a post should keep it up to date, either by updating the status of your toys if they have sold or editing your post to any changes that you have made prior to posting.

    For wanted ads keeping them up to date is important as well, editing any changes or status.

    Bumps and replies are important, they help your ad be seen and relevant, if you do not bump your post it will fall to the back of the sales and wanted pages, if your post reaches older than a month it will be moved. You can always message a moderator or admin to undo the move or you can create a new post all together.

    Please only one bump a week, we do not want users spamming or being unfair to others that are trying to sell their toys in the sales and the wanted thread.

    If you have sold your toy or all toys in your post or have found the toy you were searching for in wanted, there are two ways that you can let a staff member know that you want your post moved.

    1. Change the title of your sales post to Sold, this is the best way to let a staff member know that you want your post moved to the completed sales thread.

    In the case of wanted ads, either change the title to Found or Delete.

    At the top of your posts there is an option for Thread Tools, then under the drop down menu is Edit Thread, once pressed it will bring up a menu to change the title and other aspects of your post.

    2. Send a message to a admin or moderator and tell them you would like your post moved.

    Doing these simple things stated above will help you and the staff greatly and keeping the sales thread clean and organized. :)

    If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask. :)

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