Softer toy enables greater size? What to buy?

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    I currently have a couple of ordinary classic dildos, Real Rapture 10" and 11". I Get long silly orgams from the big one in my butt while using a vibrator. But they are nice and all, but very firm as classic dildos usually are. I feel I could go bigger if they were softer. I imagine that a softer one compresses while passing the anus and splinchter while expanding slightly when inside filling me up better. With my current main one there is a ridge at the head that isn't to nice to my splinchter while pulling out. It is a bit worse IRL than it looks in the pictures. I imagine really soft dildos may have lots of texture without creating these hard to pass "hooks", and I still want texture.

    My current main one is quite wide at the middle and slightly narrower further in, that bulge is even wider than it is by the ridge and it feels real good when I manage to pass it. Maybe it does not look much, but the dildo being firm makes that "small" difference really nice. So I want it to have a wider part somewhere in the middle. But not as sharp or wide that it becomes a knot or plug, I want some in and out action at a decent speed after all.
    I have been looking at Mr Hankeys Firehose since the head seems awesome. But due to corona the Firehose is nowhere to be found in Europe. So currently I am considering Mr Hankeys Dragon instead, that might be even better, the wider middle part seems perfect. Besides, the Firehose might not be enough anyway since it is comparable in width with my current one, while at the same time being softer.

    So I need someone to confirm my ideas.
    1. Can I take bigger dildos or dildos that has sections with greater circumference if they are soft?
    2. Is it likely that the texture on the Dragon, despite looking quite intimidating, is gentler than the firm and sharp ridge (hook) on my current one? Even where the texture is the most pronounced on the Dragon it seems to be gentler slope and less of a hook.
    3. If there is a large differnece in how big I can go if I go soft, which size should I go for? Warming the dildos to body temperature, warming up and sitting on it in the right angles takes my main dildo balls deep.
    4. Is there another soft dildo that might be even more right for me that is sold in Europe?

    Made an image where the dildos are to scale, as well as one can do in paint.

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    I think you're right, that a softer toy can kind of "pour" from outside to inside by distorting the shape, but I would say it's kind of subtle. It's not going to allow for a major size difference. More like the difference between "can't quite do it" and "I barely made it inside".

    The downside is that soft toys that distort under pressure like this are also harder to get inside, because they "give" in every other direction but inside sometimes. They collapse a little, making entrance more difficult.

    The texture on the Dragon is intense, with more texture than any Bad Dragon toy I've tried. Besides the ridges, there's a pebble texture everywhere. It's very very textured. You might still enjoy it, if you use it differently than the Rapture (smaller movements for example). Some toys, you have to figure out what they are good for.

    The ridge on the Rapture might not be so intense if the toy was an easy fit for you. I imagine that it's close to your size limit? I wonder if the toy is extremely firm? Some of the toys in classic shapes are extremely firm.

    I tried a Dragon in Mr Hankey's 70% Soft (like a Bad Dragon "medium") and I thought it was a little too soft (I prefer firm toys) so it did bend and distort slightly when trying to get it inside. But the texture was still very intense.
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    On how large you can go with softer toys, it depends on the person, but you can probably go with at least the Medium Dragon from Mr. Hankey if you get it in one of the softer firmnesses. Dunno about your 11" Real Rapture, but assuming it's hard enough you can't bend it 90 degrees without risking damage softer ones would allow you to take much larger dildos as you wouldn't be as restricted by the bends in the large intestine.

    As for texture, even if you get it in the softest softness Mr. Hankey offers it would probably be too much to do remotely fast thrusting with it. I can't say for sure, but from what I've heard the Dragon is one of the most intensely textured dildos out there. Even BD's Flint doesn't compare to it.
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    I do own a XXXL Dragon in 40% (which would be a Bad Dragon soft), to me its texture is very intense even at soft.

    On the compression topic, I believe it is a misconception that a softer toy will simple allow you to take more girth, because as you put weight over the toy it also compresses in length (thus becoming slightly girthier than a equal toy at firmer silicone). So I wouldn't count on that.

    I don't know the Rapture, but I believe if you manage to go past the second sphincter with the Dragon the head will also give the sensation of a hook to you, again it is very intense.

    I believe a M dragon at 70% will already be a challenge for you, I wouldn't recommend 40% softness, way too wobbly and more expensive.

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