When/why is transgender a deal-breaker?

Discussion in 'Debates' started by ObeyTheSnarf, Dec 1, 2014.

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    That's why I list myself as pansexual, but polyromantic. I'm sexually attracted to everyone, but not necessarily romantically attracted to everyone.
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    I'm considering dating someone trans/genderfluid but a few problems I have noticed:
    • I seem to get a lot of jealousy. I'm just playing the cards I was dealt...wtf...
    • I feel like I'm in a minefield at times, being socially shit makes this harder, and upsetting someone makes me upset and 10000x as much when I already sympathize with what they are going through.
    • Gatekeeping bullshit, again, I guess out of spite/jealousy/insecurity (eg: "OMG this person could be better than I if I help them, so I won't" or "you will never pass, give up" or "you can't possibly be trans, you have male orientated hobbies" or "to be trutrans you need to suffer as much as I otherwise it doesn't count", all bullshit I've read or heard).
    • Typical normies being judgemental trash, like fuck off already and mind your own business.
    Now, I'm new to all this. I'm exploring, learning, doing research on both people and myself and I want to learn, to understand, to help. I'm going to make mistakes, I will apologize and try to accommodate but that's hard when you get shut down and ignored. How the hell am I supposed to deal with that and become more understanding when I don't understand what had happened and learn what I can do to avoid making a mistake again?

    To be frank that awesome girl I met ended up ghosting me and I'm pretty upset about it. Maybe it's karma, I'm guilty of doing it a LOT, I'm just antisocial and find it hard to make new connections and feel like I'm the one always trying so I give up. I don't know why she did but can only speculate that I had mentioned dressing up and taking more pictures to which I got a pretty snarky comment. Excuse me, I'm still just trying to find WHO I AM and it quiets something down inside of me, I don't know why, how can I explain feeling right when I dress up...? Not to mention, I have reasons for doing it and it just occurred to me that CIS WOMEN IN GENERAL ALREADY DO THAT SHIT. Ironic.

    I'd consider it dating someone trans (or any sort of connection) but...it's tough when faced with this kind of stuff. What I don't understand is why trans people don't stick together. Why gatekeep? Why be silly? Why not try to understand the jealousy and figure something out to help yourself? My $0.02...
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    Ooooooooh, that's a bit of question of why they don't stick together, which you already know the answer for. Well, a couple answers anyway.
    The main one is jealousy. Yeah, I've experienced a LOT of that... I don't mean to sound prettier than thou, but there is prevalent online and offline.
    Also the "you can't be trans if you don't have this, or haven't done this". They are basing what make a trans a trans from their own "level". Like "you haven't taken hormones, you're not a trans", "you don't have breasts", "you didn't get hair removal". Then if they are intentionally trying be hurtful they'll follow with "Oh, you're just a man in a dress". And they do it, cause they know it'll piss you off.

    This is why it's hard for equality for the trans world.... we don't band together, too much in-fighting.
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    Me personally i am very attracted to beautiful transexual women, not attracted to crossdressers, but passable transexuals with fully functioning cock and nice breasts, either top top/ verse or verse, no total bottoms, as i am verse and need a good dickdown too. Lol honestly, that would be my perfect mate. Wish i could find one for a relationship...
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    Why would you bump a 5 year old thread. Wtf dude
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