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Dec 19, 1983 (Age: 34)
Soon-to-be Anthropologist!

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Jet Propelled Antichrist, 34, from CA

I can now say that, yes, I work in a record store! :D I feel so 80s and I love it! Aug 8, 2018

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Aug 15, 2018 at 6:53 AM
    1. GammaTheDickNiffler
      I can now say that, yes, I work in a record store! :D I feel so 80s and I love it!
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      2. GammaTheDickNiffler
        YES! It's such a sad thing to see folks nowadays treating music like so much window-dressing and background, instead of sitting down and truly *experiencing* an album.
        Aug 8, 2018
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      3. dante
        let me know if you got any old school manson in your shop~
        Aug 8, 2018
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      4. GammaTheDickNiffler
        @dante Will do! Any particular albums or formats?
        Aug 8, 2018
    2. HazetheFox
      I like your new profile picture bro. :3
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      2. GammaTheDickNiffler
        Thank you! Tis an adopt from FA :3 I named them Kor'aakus, Kor for short. :3
        Aug 8, 2018
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    3. Zaphora
      *it was from 3oh3...omg show me the stuff you want I can totally draw your tattoo for you! ^_^ how have you been...I have been fixing the hole in my ceiling and painting and patching and making the house much nicer....kitchen under the sink your next... :3
    4. StormyOne626
      Singe is still available. You can send the funds to my Paypal which is Slp6230@gmail.com
      I will try to ship it by the end of the week.
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      2. GammaTheDickNiffler
        I think I'll pass, but thank you!
        Jul 11, 2018
    5. GammaTheDickNiffler
      Tbh, if someone designed the PERFECT tattoo of Jack Parsons riding a rocket into space, with the words Jet Propelled Antichrist...I'd do it.
    6. GammaTheDickNiffler
      My EE order shipped!!! Got a custom Wraith based on the newest Bunnymen album cover. *is over the moon*
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    7. GammaTheDickNiffler
    8. GammaTheDickNiffler
      My Chance is now part of my hoard and I love him!!! Eternal thanks to @lizardbreath!!!
      1. stuck-on-the-knot1
        Congrats on the grab! If I could take a large I would've tried to grab him but alas! I hope you enjoy your giant usuable nightlight! :)
        May 16, 2018
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      2. GammaTheDickNiffler
        Thank you and LOL, giant usable nightlight, I love it! :D He does function well as such, actually x3
        May 16, 2018
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    9. GammaTheDickNiffler
      Can hardly wait to get my beautiful glowy Chance!!!
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      3. GammaTheDickNiffler
        Yes, the very one! It really is...I'm still not quite believing that I managed to get it. <3 Pics when it arrives on Monday!
        May 13, 2018
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      4. IggyZen
        I want to see lots of glowy pics if you can get them! One of these days, if I can ever find another toy to do a colouration on...I kinda want to do the GITD more translucent rainbow. I have full spectrum, but it would cost something insane like $60 for that. X_x my wallet...lol.
        May 13, 2018
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      5. Corbett
        Very excited for you!!!
        May 13, 2018
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    10. GammaTheDickNiffler
      Wishing a wonderful birthday to Ian of Echo and the Bunnymen today! <3
    11. GammaTheDickNiffler
      Signing up for my very first archaeology class soon!!! :D
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    12. GammaTheDickNiffler
      Many thanks to Lizardbreath for my beautiful new UV David!
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    13. GammaTheDickNiffler
      'The Stars, The Oceans and the Moon' I love the reference to Stars Are Stars, Ocean Rain and The Killing Moon.
    14. GammaTheDickNiffler
      May 18th brings a new Echo and the Bunnymen album!!! All the classics, reworked with a symphony... *gently lobs wallet at Ian McCulloch*
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    15. IggyZen
      Gamma is the best trading partner ever! I'm glad I can trust them~! <3 Super nice and very timely! Highly recommended to trade with! <3 <3 <3 Thanks again!
      1. GammaTheDickNiffler
        Awww!!! Thank you so much IggyZen and you were a breeze and a joy to trade with and thank you for the mutual trust. <3 Thank so you much for the kind words and the props! ^.^
        Apr 9, 2018
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    16. Ralithos
      Best profile name ever
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      2. GammaTheDickNiffler
        Thank you!! XD My bestie coined it after we watched Fantastic Beasts. :D
        Mar 29, 2018
    17. GammaTheDickNiffler
      My collection is over 50 now!
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    18. GammaTheDickNiffler
      Bucky'sBestGirl = GammaTheDickNiffler! Hi again!
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    Dec 19, 1983 (Age: 34)
    Soon-to-be Anthropologist!
    Gender Identity:
    Vinyl records, post-punk music, Echo and the Bunnymen, dingle collecting, archaeology, alchemy, physical and cultural anthropology, astronomy, geology/volcanology, ravens, vultures, human sexuality, paganism, Luciferianism, Star Trek, Star Wars, nuclear/radiological stuff, medical oddities, the wonderfully weird music Will makes, especially as Glide and Poltergeist. I would be shocked if that man has never taken hallucinogens.
    Anthropology major!
    If you have Ghost, you have everything....
    Toy Collection as of 4/2018

    Starting with my beloved Bunnymen toys, inspired by both the band members themselves and select album covers:

    Exotic Erotics Orc, S/3 UV reactive marble of flame orange, bright red, flame yellow and smoke black. Based on the cover for Rescue.
    Xenocat Artifacts Alabaster. M/5 UV/glow marble and split of green, white and jet black. Based on the cover for Porcupine.
    Bad Dragon Nox. M/5 split fade of Giger Black faded up to Peridot and gold dazzle, with a gold base. Based on the cover for Evergreen.
    Bad Dragon Moko. M/3 split marble of shimmery violet and Saturn, with Halloween Black base. Based on the cover for Heaven Up Here.

    Moko, S/3, UV Marble of glittery red and two shades of UV blue. "Poltergeist".
    Xar, S/8, Tunnel Snake colouration.
    Xar, M/2, red and black shaft, lavender and sparkly caramel-cream base.
    Scorn, S/3 marble of gold and lavender.
    Scorn, M/3, SC, goldstone shaft, black and gold dazzle base. "Jigolo Har Megiddo/Papa Emeritus III".
    Chance, M/5, split colour. Black base, UV reactive rainbow marbled shaft. "Horace the Magnificent".
    Fenrir, S/5 (old medium), semitranslucent white/rose quartz. "Azoth".
    Chance, L/5 GITD split fade of what looks like Starlight Glow, Duka-Cola Quantum, Ultraviolet, on an Ectoplasm base. "Afterglow"
    Echo, M/5, 3-colour marble of All That Glitters, Lukewarm, and Cosmic Nebula Blue, atop a matte jet black base. "Meteorites"
    David, M/5 UV marble of neon pink, green, blue, purple and yellow.
    Waiting on:
    Nova, M/3
    Ika, S/3, black and green

    Damn Average:
    Above Average Alien in Hallow's Night.
    Taf in marble of purple, grey and white.
    Rudolph in marble of gold, white, light blue and dark blue.
    Orc in marble of deep red and pitch black.
    Waiting on:
    C6.25 in Ocean Rain colours
    Cyberpunk Belphad

    Xenocat Artifacts:
    Prince, S/5 in Jewel of the Amazon.
    Prince, M/5 in Jewel of the Amazon.
    Rauchana. M/5 in metallic gold and red with UV highlight.

    Phoenix Flame Forge:
    Skoll, M/5 in magma glitter colours.
    Valentine's Tongue. Black with holographic glitter, purple GITD tongue.

    Qimera Forge:
    Ferrosnake, 3, in Rainbow Glitter Overload
    Ferrosnake, 5, white and dark green stripes/green glitter and neon green highlight.
    The Daemon: OS/5, dark red/light red marble, metallic purple base with metallic gold piercings.
    The Daemon: OS, metallic dark blue, aqua GITD, UV pink and orange base with aqua GITD piercings.

    Exotic Erotics:
    Medium Cyborg, soft. Silver, black, with red accents and UV/glow anarchy symbol on back of the shaft.
    'Filip "Chibs" Telford'
    Small Halfling, soft firmness. Metallic/pearlescent blues, pink-gold and lavender.
    Small Scorch, 3, SC. Ash grey and snowy pearl white shaft and base two shades of metallic green.
    "Mount Augustine"
    M/3 Wraith, 'moon' coloured tip, black and dark bronze marble shaft, white base with blue detailing.

    A Krow's Nest:
    Leonius, 5, all-metallic bright blue/purple/green tongue, bright metallic red and gold base. "Voxviraz Altus de Mercurius"
    Faust, 3, UV reactive psychedelic colour marble of purple, blue, orange, red, green and yellow.
    "Space Age Freak Out"
    Medium Krow Egg, 3, UV reactive rainbow ribbon.
    Craiwulf, 3, UV reactive rainbow ribbon.
    Hobbs, 3, rainbow oilslick.
    Kitli, L/3, rainbow oilslick shaft, deep metallic red base, quicksilver/mercury SS highlight. "Voxviraz Altus de Mercurius"

    Small Aston the Alligator, soft firmness. Red and gold shaft, black and grey base with GITD green.
    Large soft Bently in blue, purple, lavender, white.

    Eroscillator 2, purple.
    We-Vibe Tango in PANK...er, pink.
    Various Teenies and squishies


    Destruction wrapped in pretty silicone

    "Everything in nature is beautiful and it is no less beautiful because it is understood."
    Jack Parsons - Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword - Chapter 1, 1950